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"BODY MASSAGER? PLEASE! Yeah my back’s been acting up too. In fact, it acts up whenever my boyfriend leaves.."

  • Track: Vibrator [#2]
  • Artist: Vanity 6
  • Album: The Work Volume 1 (1976-1984)
  • Plays: 120
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"I need affection, I wanna be your bitch" CAN PRINCE RELEASE HIS GUIDE VOCAL DEMO FOR THIS SONG, PLEASE?!? Even though you can hear his background vocals..

  • Track: Curious Blue
  • Artist: M. C. Flash
  • Album: The Work Volume 3 (1988-1991)
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Good evening. This is your pilot Prince speaking You are flying aboard the Seduction 747. And this plane is fully equipped with anything your body desires
If for any reason there is a loss in cabin pressure I will automatically drop down to apply more. To activate the flow of excitement Extinguish all clothing materials and pull my body close to yours Place my lips over your mouth, and kiss, kiss, normally In the event there is overexcitement Your seat cushion maybe used as a flotation device
We ask that you please observe the “No Letting Go” sign I anticipate a few turbulences along the way

  • Track: International Lover
  • Artist: Prince
  • Album: 1999
  • Plays: 89